Who are we ?

Junior CentraleSupélec was born in 2017 from the merger of Junior Supélec Stratégie (J2S) and Junior Centrale-Etudes (JCE), two Junior-Enterprises famous for their technical skills and expertise. Indeed, these two entities won the prize for Best French Junior-Enterprise 4 times altogether (in 2000, 2010, 2014 and 2017), as well as the prize for Best European Junior-Enterprise in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

This merger, which was the biggest in the history of Junior Enterprises, has allowed JCS to assert itself since its creation as a professional and experienced JE. Thanks to top-level technical courses taught at CentraleSupélec in fields such as IT, energy or data analytics, JCS already carries out highly advanced projects for its clients.

Experienced consultants

Through its three offices in Paris, Rennes and Metz, JCS selects its consultants amongst over 4 200 engineering students, who will graduate from CentraleSupélec in the near future. They are carefully selected by our project managers on the basis of their technical skills and motivation, so as to ensure that your projects are carried out efficiently.

These consultants follow a very high-level curriculum in one of the best French engineering schools, which allows them to be at the cutting-edge of technology. Moreover, they benefit from CentraleSupélec and its teachers’ support and are given a privileged access to the labs or networks they might need to carry out a project.

51 years of history

JCS wins the prize of Best JE in France in 2021

29 May 2021

JCS wins the prize of “Best Junior Entreprise of France”. This prize is awarded by a jury gathering BNP Paribas, Alten, EY and ENGIE.

JCS renamed Best JE in Europe for the third year in a row

27 February 2021

After winning the “JE of the Year” award in 2019 and 2020, Junior CentraleSupélec is awarded this title again in 2021, rewarding the high quality of the missions done, the responsiveness of the team and the CSR approach of our projects.

JCS named Best JE in Europe for the second consecutive year

29 February 2020

After winning the “JE of the Year” award for the first time in 2019, Junior CentraleSupélec is awarded this title again in 2020, rewarding its efforts to maintain the highest level of excellence year after year.

JCS becomes the best J.E. in Europe

9 March 2019

Junior CentraleSupélec wins the Best J.E. of the Year 2019 award, recognizing the success of the largest merger in the history of the J.E., as well as the sustainability of the organization.

JCS winner of the most innovative European project

8 March 2018

Junior CentraleSupélec wins the Most Innovative Project award, rewarding the most innovative mission in Europe.

Merger and birth of Junior CentraleSupélec (JCS)

1 August 2017

For Junior CentraleSupélec, 2017 is the year of the merger of the two associations. This merger poses many challenges that JCS is ready to meet.

J2S again winner of the Excellence Award and 2nd European J.E.

1 January 2017

After a +120% growth in its turnover over two years, J2S is rewarded in its last year of existence for its success: the CNJE awards it the prize for best French JE, and J2S is finalist for the Best European JE prize, for which it was a first time candidate.

Signing of the J5 partnership

10 May 2015

JCE forms a partnership with the JEs of the 5 Central Schools: Centrale Lille Projet, KSI Centrale Marseille, Centrale Conseil Rhône Alpes, Centrale Nantes Études and Junior Centrale Études. This partnership allows them to cover the entire territory, exchange best practices and easily call on the know-how of each JE.

J2S once more winner of the Excellence Award

1 January 2014

For the second time, J2S is honoured with the Excellence Award, making the J.E. one of the only ones to have received the award more than once. By confirming its presence on its three campuses, J.E.’s activity is thriving in spite of the current economic situation and the two offices in Rennes and Metz are becoming major players in their respective regions.

J2S winner of the Excellence Award

1 January 2010

J2S wins the Junior-Enterprise Excellence Award, becoming the best Junior-Enterprise in France. The Junior-Enterprise Excellence Award is presented by the CNJE’s institutional partners, the Movement of former Junior-Entrepreneurs and Les Echos, the oldest french financial newspaper. The objective of the Excellence Award is to recognize each year within the movement the most successful Junior-Enterprises so that they can share their experience with other organizations. Among these J.E., one of them is annually distinguished more particularly for its exemplarity.

J2S winner of the Engineer label

3 January 2008

J2S wins the Engineer Label Award for the best technical study of the year in France.

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification

2 January 2008

Concerned about setting up a sustainable Quality Management System, J2S obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification. Through its analysis of customer satisfaction, J2S is committed to a continuous improvement process, which is rewarded annually during an audit conducted by AFNOR Certification.

Merger of the three campuses

1 January 2008

The Junior-Enterprises of the Rennes and Metz campuses, SPI Ouest and SPI Est, decide to merge with Junior Supélec Stratégie, to form a Junior-Entreprise then unique in France, spread over three offices across the country. This rally marked a turning point in the organization’s activity, which now counts 41 administrators and more than 1500 potential consultants.

SEP becomes Junior Supélec Strategy (J2S)

12 September 2002

The association reviews its status and adjusts its corporate purpose. Supélec Études et Prospective then becomes Junior Supélec Stratégie, also know as J2S.

JCE winner of the Excellence Award

1 January 2000

JCE receives the Excellence Award for the best Junior-Enterprise in France. It is awarded annually by the CNJE and its partners.

JCE winner of the technical label

1 January 1997

JCE receives the technical label for the best engineering study of the year.

JCE winner of the JADE label

1 January 1994

JCE acquires a European reputation by winning the Jade label (Confederation of European Junior-Enterprises) for its international initiatives and its support for the creation of the first Junior-Enterprises in Brazil, the United States, Japan and many other countries.

Fondation de Supélec Prospective et Ingénierie Ouest (SPI Ouest)

1 January 1991

Avec l’aide de SEP, une Junior-Entreprise est fondée sur le campus de Rennes de Supélec : Supélec Prospective et Ingéniérie Ouest, abrégée SPI Ouest.

Creation of Junior Centrale Études (JCE)

10 May 1985

Junior Centrale Études (JCE) is officially created. The following two years offer bright prospects for the future and the revenue of the Junior Enterprise exploses in 1986.

Launch of campus symposia

1 January 1980

Centrale Études launches the organization of campus conferences, major seminars bringing together several hundred students and personalities (including Gérard Pélisson, Co-founder of the Accor group or Xavier Karcher, then Chief Executive Officer of Citroën) around a theme of the future. Through this means, Centrale Études can meet other Junior-Enterprises and benefit from the event to share its know-how with other Junior-Enterprises in France.

Creation of Supélec Prospective et Ingénierie Ouest (SPI Ouest)

27 January 1977

On January 27, 1977, three Supélec students found Supélec Études et Prospective (SEP) on the Gif-sur-Yvette campus. This marks the beginning of a long adventure.

Integration into the CNJE

1 February 1970

For the first time in the history of Junior-Enterprises, the CNJE (Confédération Nationale des Junior-Entreprises) welcomes a member from an engineering school. This is an opportunity for Centrale Études to develop and expand its offer.

Creation of Centrale Études (CE)

1 January 1969

Following the move of Centrale Paris to the campus on Châtenay-Malabry, lead by Jean-Claude Reboulin, Centrale Études was born. Thanks to the support of well-known personnalities such as the school’s director Daniel Gourisse or the former Minister for Industrial and Scientific Development François-Xavier Ortoli, Centrale Études had a promising future ahead.

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Plateau du Moulon - 3 Rue Joliot-Curie - 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette - France
+33 (0)1 75 31 69 42

Plateau du Moulon - 3 Rue Joliot-Curie - 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette - France - +33 (0)1 75 31 69 42

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